Enrollment Prerequisites

To ensure the continuing success of our student graduates, requirements of the following minimum competency to be meet prior to enrollment:

  • Present valid government issued photo identification
  • Interview with an admissions representative
  • Demonstration of English competency including reading, writing, and verbal skills such that the student can become an employable candidate
  • Express time available as well as motivation to attend all classes, labs, and, internship hours as required
  • A level of mechanical ability to allow the student to succeed and understand the material presented to him/her, as well as being able to secure credible employment upon course completion/graduation
  • Student Candidate must possess or be able to easily obtain a valid TX driver’s license
  • Student Candidate must be able to pass a criminal background check required by most contractors
  • Student Candidate must be able to pass a random Drug Screen test as required by most contractors
  • Student must establish satisfactory financial stability in order to maintain enrollment as a student for the duration of his/her curriculum
  • All financial arrangements regarding tuition etc. to be finalized prior to start of first class
  • Present proof of secondary education (High School diploma or GED certificate) 

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